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Zenith Technologies is now a Cognizant Company

Posted on August 1, 2019 by

Helena Rogers

Zenith Technologies is pleased to announce we are now officially a Cognizant Company

CognizantZenith Technologies now a Cognizant company, has the capabilities to be a single end to end partner for Consultancy, Design Implementation, Optimisation and Support for all applications in the Pharma manufacturing stack.

Zenith can now deliver business transformation through Pharma 4.0 architectures and solutions, covering all IT, OT and IoT applications, infrastructures and services. Thus empowering Life Sciences through business transformation.

Combining, has strengthened the Industry 4.0 offering with new end-to-end smart factory capabilities. The acquisition also extends Cognizant’s capabilities for designing, implementing and managing end-to-end operational and information technology systems for connected biopharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.

You can read more about Cognizant’s Life Science offering here. 

To read our recent press release regarding the acquisition click here.


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