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Zenith Technologies forms cyber-security alliance with Digital Immunity

Posted on December 7, 2020 by Helena Graham

Zenith Technologies, a Cognizant Company, a world leader in delivering manufacturing software solutions to the life sciences industry, has formed an alliance with the leading provider of cyber-threat prevention solutions, Digital Immunity. Working closer together, will ensure that Zenith’s clients are able to benefit from the most cutting-edge cyber-security software and expertise to prevent the execution of malware attacks with no disruption to manufacturing operations.

Cyber-threat prevention is an increasing focus for Life Sciences companies facing the threat of cyber-attacks. Many manufacturing facilities are dependent on older and in some cases, unsupported operating systems that are highly vulnerable and have no protection installed. These same facilities are struggling to deploy patches and security updates to supported systems at the expense of production uptime.

Digital Immunity’s patented DI PROTECT™ solution delivers trust-centric runtime integrity, hardening operating systems and related applications. A lightweight sensor is deployed on devices which constantly verifies the integrity of executing code in memory at runtime and prevents the execution of foreign or malicious code including malware attacks. This also ensures no impact on manufacturing uptime, productivity and revenue.

The solution has already been tried and tested at the highest levels of the US government and by some of the pharma industry’s leading players.

Stuart Richards, Global Commercial and Marketing Director at Zenith Technologies, said: “As we witness the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) and seek to share more and more data,  both legacy and modern systems can be left exposed and vulnerable.

“Our customers want to benefit from game-changing innovations that are setting the new standard against cyber-attacks and Digital Immunity’s cyber-threat prevention software does precisely that.”

Zenith currently has 16 offices worldwide with over 900 employees delivering manufacturing software for automation, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and digital and data analysis.

Stuart continued: “This partnership will open up a new cyber protection service area for us, extending our offering and ensuring that we can solve customers’ security issues at all stages of the data and manufacturing life cycle.”

Zenith will play a pivotal role in the implementation and support of DI PROTECT™, ensuring it connects seamlessly with other systems and works efficiently for their clients.

John Murgo, Founder, President & CEO of Digital Immunity said: “Digital Immunity addresses cyber security risks that Life Sciences and other manufacturing companies face every day. We take a revolutionary approach to preventing the execution of malware attacks that try to steal data and disrupt operations by manipulating operating systems and applications.

 “While threat-centric solutions monitor networks looking for deviations and rely on guesswork via signatures and machine learning, we understand the need to think differently and take a trust-based approach to deliver runtime integrity for critical systems in the face of cyber attackers who continually find new ways to carry out their attacks. DI will prevent malware attacks by verifying the integrity of trusted code in memory at runtime with no disruption to operations and no load or latency on devices”.

“Effective cyber strategies require new ways of thinking and a collaborative effort for the common good to share best practices on this issue. We are seeing this collaboration happening with our customers and prospects. Our partnership with Zenith will help drive these efforts forward and we are excited to work with them.”

Digital Immunity,  is an In-Q-Tel (the Investment arm for the US Intelligence Community) portfolio company headquartered in Burlington, MA.

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