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Zenith rises to global summit of engineering

Posted on December 19, 2016 by Helena Graham

As one of the worlds-leading solutions providers servicing the life science industry, Zenith is growing in every sense of the word, our service offerings, and employee numbers are continuously increasing year on year. With this in mind the Irish Examiner approached us to publish an article covering this phenomenal growth and global recruitment within the company as well as to establish what it’s like to work as an engineer at Zenith Technologies.

With Zenith recruiting at every level from graduate to the most senior levels, interviews were conducted with Orla Cussen (ZT Engineering team lead), Brendan Sheridan (Graduate Engineer) and Donal Costello (Automation Engineer) to help gauge an understanding of employee experiences from different levels of the company. Shea Fahy, Zenith human resources director, was also interviewed amplifying that people enjoy working with Zenith because of the culture, the challenges and the opportunity to continue to grow while working with the best in the life science industry.

As chief executive Joe Haugh states:

“As a service-based business, our people and their knowledge are our most important asset and we are constantly looking to add further talent to our team. Continuing to strengthen and build relationships with some of the best technology providers in the industry will of course also be a focus”.

This article gives a great overview of what life is like for an engineer looking to join a fast paced, growing global organization like Zenith as well as highlighting what opportunities are out there for engineers.

Read the full article in the Irish Examiner Online:


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