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Software partnership with Sartorius Data Analytics, strengthening the advanced data analytics portfolio with Umetrics® suite

Posted on June 12, 2020 by

Helena Graham

In recent years, the Life Science industry has started to realize the benefits of Multivariate Data Analysis (MVDA). Multivariate technology solutions continue to deliver tangible business outcomes and have become very relevant for all Life Sciences companies.  It’s in this context that Zenith Technologies, A Cognizant Company and world leader in delivering Life Sciences manufacturing technology solutions, has announced a partnership with Sartorius Data Analytics, formerly Umetrics, the data analytics division of leading biotech company Sartorius. The agreement will see Zenith become a solution delivery and training partner to Sartorius Data Analytics for the Umetrics® Suite products.

Sartorius Data Analytics are the world leader in multivariate technology providing software for design of experiments (DOE), MVDA and dashboards. As a leading data analytics software developer, they deliver a range of innovative data analytics solutions that are widely used across Life Sciences to aid the production of biopharmaceuticals. This partnership enables Zenith to act as a certified implementation and installation partner for the complete Umetrics® Suite which includes, MODDE®, SIMCA® and SIMCA®-online.

Data Analytics

SIMCA®-online from Sartorius

SIMCA®-online is a real-time prediction software that provides a complete set of interactive and visual monitoring tools to ensure that batch and continuous operation run smoothly. SIMCA®-online can also be used to estimate or predict parameters which cannot be directly measured, using correlations of all other measured values in the process. A critical enabling component for successful implementation of SIMCA®-online, is access to high quality data.

Bringing together Zenith’s expertise in implementation of Historian and the Distributed Control Systems (DCS) in the Pharmaceutical sector, the partnership will enable enhanced support for clients in the Pharmaceutical sector.

“Partnering with Zenith Technologies will help us grow and better service our global customers with local needs. Sartorius provides researchers with tools to obtain critical process insights faster and with modeling technologies to manufacture biologics more efficiently, it is a perfect complement to our existing services,” says Mark Demesmaeker, Head of Data Analytics for Sartorius.

Jacqueline Hora, Data Analytics Consultant and Sartorius Account Partner from Zenith Technologies, A Cognizant Company said: “We are delighted to enhance our data analytics offering through this new partnership with Sartorius. Our closer involvement with Sartorius ensures we can build data into the manufacturing system lifecycle from the very beginning, which will provide customers with access to contextualized, deep data that offers a clearer picture from the outset. This collaboration is a natural fit for Zenith and ensures that all of our customers receive comprehensive service and can truly unlock the value of their data.”

“By having the right partners to complement our offering – it will help us focus on the software development and adding new advanced methods to our user-friendly software suite. Zenith has been very easy to work with and the certification as a Partner will ensure that our joint customers can benefit from the right service and support – now and in the future. Going forward, Simplifying Progress will be our key focus and this partnership strengthens that”, says Johan Hultman, Embedded Solutions (OEM) and Partner Manager at Sartorius.

The partnership will provide a range of services to clients in the Pharmaceutical sector including installations, data connector configuration, multivariate model building, customized training solutions and SIMCA®-online configurations. These services will be delivered by Sartorius certified personnel and will be incorporated into Zenith’s current site services packages.

David Staunton, Global Director Services from Zenith Technologies, A Cognizant Company, summarizes the value created by the partnership, “As the global partner with Sartorius, we are uniquely positioned to help our customers realize the benefits of the Umetrics® Suite and improve their business outcomes”.

About Zenith Technologies, a Cognizant Company

Founded in 1998, Zenith has 16 offices worldwide with over 900 skilled employees delivering manufacturing software to the life sciences industry in areas such as automation, manufacturing execution systems (MES) and digital and data analysis. Zenith is a world leader in delivering GMP manufacturing software systems that secure the supply of vital medicines to patients worldwide.

More information: For more information on Zenith Technologies and its solutions, visit or follow us on LinkedIn, and Twitter.

About SartoriusSartorius

Sartorius Data Analytics are leading data analytics experts with multiple applications
in high-tech industries worldwide. We enable customers at both the individual and
enterprise levels to maximize the value of their data, enabling better decision-making
and process excellence. Through our complete solutions in the Umetrics® Suite of Data
Analytics Solutions, which include state of the art software, academy training and
education, consulting, and OEM services, we help our customers to grow their businesses
by maximizing profitability and minimizing time to market.
To learn more about how Sartorius Data Analytics helps grow your business
please visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

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