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Safety first: drivers of serialization

Posted on April 4, 2017 by Helena Graham

The key drivers of pharmaceutical serialization have been well discussed, with sales of counterfeit drugs now amounting to $75 billion annually and the overall value of the falsified drugs market estimated at around $200 billion.

These sub-standard medicines can impact patient safety, cost the pharmaceutical industry time and money and damage brand reputations. Introducing serialization legislation will allow for greater visibility of the supply chain and ensure that medicines can be verified at various points throughout the product lifecycle.

In the second part of our serialization blog series Carlos Machado and our senior R&D product manager Matteo Barbieri discuss why we need serialization and what benefits it could bring to the industry. Read the full blog here.

Next up in the series, Carlos Machado and Matteo Barbieri outline the vast geographic complexities associated with serialization and the importance of going beyond compliance when developing a solution.

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