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Blog Series Part 7 – The Quest for Operational Excellence

Posted on April 24, 2020 by

David Staunton, Global Services Director & Ryan McInerney, Technical Consultant

The quest for operational excellence, the final part of our: ‘Life Sciences 4.0, Revolutionising Life Sciences Manufacturing Through Connected Systems & Data’ blog series

The Life Sciences industry has spent decades using data to drive operational excellence, however it has been slower to adopt cutting-edge technologies. Embracing the potential for Life Sciences 4.0 is going to be critical to future operations of all manufacturers.

Fully automated and connected facilities that can create, interpret and act upon reliable data will take advantage of all that digital manufacturing has to offer. The life sciences industry has spent many years becoming more energy-efficient and using better materials and equipment to make improvements, in the quest for operational excellence. Life Sciences 4.0 will see the industry connect equipment across plant and enterprises and use better, more reliable and larger volumes of data to revolutionise manufacturing.

Zenith Technologies’ role in the Life Sciences 4.0 revolution is to help manufacturers connect their systems and equipment, whilst ingesting and analysing the data created to inform operational decisions. This connection and big data-led approach will fundamentally change the way manufacturers operate and ensure a more successful development and production of life changing medicines for patients who need them most.

From our experience our customers are interested in the integrity and contextualization of their data to ensure they get the most value out of what they have, thus unlocking the value and power of their data. Going forward, Life Sciences customers will be demanding systems that deliver ‘Big Answers’ built in from the design, as opposed to ‘Big Data.’ By leveraging data analytics, cloud and IoT capabilities, systems will be able to truly deliver on the promise of  Life Sciences 4.0, enabling our customers to make tangible business improvements and obtain a new level of insight.

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