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Ensuring MES Standardisation and Excellence Across Multiple Sites

Posted on April 22, 2015 by

Helena Rogers

When designed and implemented correctly Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) can achieve productivity gains of over 25%, as well as reducing the time and stress associated with managing manufacturing using paper or hybrid systems. By replacing traditional paper-based systems with an MES solution, companies are able to generate and deal with exceptions in real-time so that manufacturing records can be reviewed in parallel with manufacturing rather than post manufacturing, and get manufacturing ‘right first time,’ both of which facilitates faster product release.

But what happens when there are multiple plants all running standalone and individual MES solutions across the globe?

Simple changes such as system upgrades, operational support, configuration changes can become a nightmare to manage in a standardized manner.  When processes vary from site to site, considerable duplication of effort and inefficiencies can exist impacting the overall productivity of the MES solution as a whole.

Zenith Technologies worked with one of the Top 10 Global Pharmaceutical companies to overcome this very issue. The company recognised that there were ways they could improve their processes and that efficiencies could be achieved through standardisation between plants. They were also aware that Zenith had successfully implemented and supported a wide range of MES projects and had developed considerable expertise in this field. With this in mind they asked the Zenith Team to carry out a full evaluation of the current systems, develop the plan to create a Centre of Excellence and take it forward through implementation, management and support phases. Before the client was ready to proceed they required a clear and impartial assessment of the benefits acquired from developing a CoE across the four sites, together with a detailed implementation plan.

As a result of the successful implementation of an MES Centre of Excellence the customer witnessed:

  • Standardisation Across all Sites
  • Sharing of Best Practice
  • Centralised Work Processes, I.E. Upgrades rolled out centrally
  • Improved Productivity & Quality
  • Incident Management Improvements
  • Resilient & Robust Sites
  • Reduced Downtime and Increased Time Savings

To read more about this project read the full case study: click here.

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