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Our people share their pride in the work they do – Powering Patient Health

Posted on April 29, 2019 by

Helena Rogers

Most of the work of our engineers happens sat at desks, this includes coding, planning, and managing manufacturing projects either from our offices or on customers sites. It can be difficult to make the connection between a computer screen and changing lives, but the software that we configure helps make medicines that have a life changing impact on many patients and families around the globe.

At Zenith the impact we have on patient health is what drives us and inspires us to do better and work harder.  Our values are centred around putting the patient at the heart of what we do. We have delivered large-scale automation projects for the largest biotech companies in the world – this is no mean feat. The regulatory knowledge and technical expertise required is vast and any errors can have significant consequences.

We asked Zenith people at all levels to reflect on examples from last year of where their work has had a direct impact on the life of patients around the world. The message that came back was a real sense of pride and achievement. Here are just some of the responses we received:

Powering Patient Health from Ireland

“I started my career in a plant making aluminum and I never thought I’d end up leading a company that does something that really makes a difference to people’s lives. The fact we have a part to play in bringing life-saving drugs to market and ultimately saving lives is a great motivation for me and the business.” Joe Haugh, CEO

At Zenith we have the opportunity to ensure that people who take medicines have a real chance to get better. We write the software that make the machines in life science factories work automatically, we create reliability, analyse the data that reveals the science and we do this for the leading Life Science companies globally.” David Staunton, Global Services Director

 “I recently worked on cell expansion and pharmagraph monitoring systems. I take pride in knowing my work can potentially prevent cell damage which could have a direct impact on patient’s health.” Pat Nestor, Project Manager

From the US

“I have witnessed Zenith impacting the lives of patients by hiring talented engineers, and by implementing and supporting manufacturing software to the life sciences industry.” Samuel Tsai, Automation/ Validation Engineer

From India

“I was sat in the doctors with my wife and I saw the doctor talking about a medicine that I had helped develop the bottle packaging system for. It felt amazing to see the output of our work in real life.” Ishwar Darekar |MES Lead Engineer

“Since working at Zenith, I have worked on engineering projects for the treatment of both Alzheimer’s and pneumonia in children, helping to treat two generations. Every day I have great pride in the work I do.” Ganesh Jagdale, Senior Technical Consultant

From Singapore

“Someone close to me had very bad asthma, I know the work at Zenith helped him breathe easier during his last days. Great things are done by a series of small things and at Zenith I feel fortunate contributing to a good cause.” Harshali Atkare, Automation Engineer


From the UK

“As Zenith we almost exclusively work within the Life Sciences arena and whilst it’s not always intuitive to make the leap between writing a document and someone taking a pill, it’s all ultimately tied into the quality of the end product. What we do, no matter how small, matters to the patient and those patients aren’t faceless bodies who we can sleep at night without thought of the impact of our work; those faces are our loved ones, ourselves, our neighbours, our colleagues. We at Zenith are life sciences people but it’s not just a label. It’s a decision, a decision that everyone of us must make because either way on-board or not the impact is still the same.” Graham Burnikell, UK Senior Consultant

The breadth and importance of Zenith’s work can’t be underestimated. Our skilled teams based across the world are a source of great pride for us thanks to the work they do every day to power patient health and ensure that life-changing medicines can be made safely and efficiently.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their story to us. You can learn more about Powering Patient Health here.

If you are interested in joining our team of engineers and sharing in the pride of the work we do visit our career pages and apply today here.


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