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Cognizant leader: Cell and gene therapy flips life sciences manufacturing on its head

Posted on October 27, 2021 by Lorenzo Sarasa

View the complete article at Digitally Cognizant here.

In a recent blog, Bryan McSwiney, Global Director of Technical Operations for Life Sciences Manufacturing at Cognizant, shares his insights and predicts a ‘major shift ahead’ in the cell and gene therapy manufacturing space. McSwiney points out that the life sciences industry is seeing dramatic growth in cell and gene therapy development, with 900 companies pursuing new therapies and more than 1,000 active clinical trials.

As these therapies evolve into a meaningful industry subsector, there will be new challenges, including a fundamental shift in manufacturing from ‘made-to-stock’ to ‘made-to-order.’ Companies may need to move away from traditional bulk manufacturing models to circular supply chains. You can read more about the manufacturing challenges and opportunities in McSwiney’s blog.


About the Author:

Bryan McSwiney, Technical Operations Director

In his role as Global Director of Technical Operations, Bryan leads the global business units within Zenith. Bryan has over 25 years’ experience in the Life Science sector and has worked with Zenith Technologies since 1999. Bryan has held a variety of roles over that timeframe across engineering, project management, sales and key account management, operations, country management and regional director and business P&L. A significant portion of Bryan’s career to date has been in an international environment where he previously led the Zenith market entry into Asia, where he was based prior to returning to Ireland to take up his current role.


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