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Case Study: Training for an Automated Future

Posted on September 2, 2019 by

Rashid Patel

Challenge: The Need for a E-Learning Training Programme

A global Biopharma company, dedicated to the development and delivery of innovative medicines, announced a $1 billion investment into a new biologics manufacturing facility to prepare for an automated future. This would be the new site of production for the company’s immuno-oncology medicines that help patients suffering from serious diseases.

Building the best possible facility, complete with state-of-the-art design, technology and processes, meant a business-critical training project had to be undertaken by all employees. This aimed to upskill both the new and existing 200+ employees on the new DeltaV™ Distributed Control System (DCS).

Such training would enable the company to keep costs down by reducing help desk calls and preventing plant failures and interruptions. The training was also a prerequisite for the approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which was necessary for the facility to go-live.

It needed to be ensured that the maintenance, operations and quality personnel, could all use the new system with confidence and precision before going live in 2018. The training programme had to be flexible, adaptable, cost-effective and delivered with speed to meet the company’s needs.

Solution: Delivering the Training

The Biopharma company decided that outsourcing the training would be a more time-efficient and simple approach for the business. Zenith Technologies had previously delivered DeltaV™ training at one of their U.S. sites, and thus the team approached the company to manage the training at their new site.

Zenith developed and delivered a program in an off-site classroom, where two trainers, each with 25 years of automation experience, guided customised training and face to face practical sessions.

The program included the use of various workstations, which enabled the trainees to navigate and experiment with the system in a safe and controlled environment. Zenith also developed a training pack for the DeltaV™ system, which contained volumes of knowledge and provided employees with an extremely useful point of reference.

Once the program was completed, trainees completed an assessment and were rewarded with a certificate, thereby creating an auditable training record.


A total number of 44 days training was provided over 14 weeks. All trainees passed the end of course assessment. The critical members of the workforce are now trained on DeltaV™ to a high level, giving the business a great advantage ahead of the facility’s go-live date in 2018.

Experienced DeltaV™ experts from the company participated in the first round of training to audit the level, tone and experience of the trainers and were overwhelmingly positive in their feedback.


At a glance:


                     Brief                 Challenges                  Solution             Results
  • Company: Global Pharmaceutical Company
  • Location: Ireland
  • Mission: Enhancing the skills of Bioprocess Associates and Maintenance Technicians to avoid plant failure and interruptions & ensure manufacturing reliability
  • Product/Services: Upskilling new and existing employees on the new DeltaV™ system by delivering business-critical training
  • Creating customised modules based on job function
  • Finding a facility with the right set up to deliver the training off-site
  • Two trainers, each with 25 years of automation experience
  • Pre-set work stations with DeltaV™ installed for practical use in a safe environment
  • Assessment programme to ensure knowledge retention, with auditable training record
  • Detailed training pack for future reference
  • 12 two-day classes were provided for manufacturing personnel
  • 18 one-day classes were provided for maintenance, calibration, utilities and quality control & environmental departments
  • Two half-day classes were provided for warehouse and quality control lab teams
  • A total of 205 people received training in 2017

Zenith took the pain out of us organising this training by offering us an excellent location and training environment. Workstations running DeltaV™ were set and ready to use, and even lunch was provided so we really didn’t need to worry about anything.”

– Training Lead of the Company



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