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The business benefits of transitioning to MES technology

Posted on August 21, 2017 by

Helena Rogers

Industry 4.0Pharmaceutical manufacturing processes are continually evolving. Changes in the industry are often driven by technological developments and the possibilities presented by the emerging Industry 4.0. One of the most beneficial technology developments can be found in the implementation of manufacturing execution systems (MES).

With the shift from paper-based processes to intelligent, electronic systems, MES can increase efficiency, give meaningful business insight, remove any room for errors, and enable resources to be better utilised. Additionally, as data is recorded and accessed in real-time, it’s possible to optimise production both in single plants and across global facilities.

However, while MES systems are becoming more widely adopted, they also add more complexity. This has brought challenges to the implementation of MES technology and therefore long-term thinking needs to sit at forefront of the project to ensure that the process is cost-effective and continuously delivers value.

Paul FayOur senior MES Service Manager, Paul Fay, reflects in detail on how moving to MES technology helps assist companies in optimising their performance and discusses the implementation challenges in Pharmaceutical Processing. He also explores the importance of thinking long-term and how to best implement MES.

Read the full article in Pharmaceutical Processing click here.


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