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Building capability in your rapidly expanding biomanufacturing workforce

Posted on November 18, 2019 by Helena Graham

Access our recently published whitepaper: ‘Building capability in your rapidly expanding biomanufacturing workforce’ written by industry thought leader – Jonathan Woolliss, External Training Lead

Jonathan is an industry expert with vast experience in developing learning solutions for some of the largest companies in biomanufacturing. Over the last few years he has focused on designing and implementing customised training solutions for different job roles, spanning commissioning engineers, operators and maintenance technicians.

We explore this topic in great detail in our whitepaper: ‘Building capability in your rapidly expanding biomanufacturing workforce’ which you can download here:

He has deployed multiple virtual training environments and is heavily involved in augmented reality research and development.

Access this whitepaper to:

  • Explore how the biopharmaceuticals sector has challenged traditional approaches to training
  • Appreciate adult learning preferences and the need to move away from traditional ‘read and understand methods’
  • Understand how to build capability quickly and effectively by customising training to operating practices
  • Learn how to develop unique training approaches

For more information on Zenith Technologies’ learning and capabilities services, visit:

Operator training revolution – transforming entry level operators into BioPharma specialist:

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