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Biopharma challenge: Automating processes in upstream processing

Posted on November 3, 2016 by

Helena Finnan

rsz_1bio_pharmaBiopharma companies can often face challenges when automating upstream processes. Trevor Marshall, director of enterprise systems integration at Zenith Technologies recently discussed the strategies and technologies available to overcome these hurdles in a Q&A with BioPharm International.

The introduction of products into manufacturing facilities often requires new equipment process capabilities that are not known when the facility is first commissioned.


Trevor explains that the challenge facing most pharmaceutical projects is planning for the future to ensure new products can be introduced within weeks, and not months or years.


Trevor goes on to explain that there are a number of elements to consider when developing strategies for process control in upstream processing. For example, the process control system needs to be produced in a manner that is flexible to adapt to each product requirement. Data collection and integrity are also an important factor as the protection of process control data is paramount for regulators.

Read the full article in Biopharma International to find out more about how you can overcome challenges relating to upstream processing.

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