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Beyond compliance: serialization across the globe

Posted on May 22, 2017 by Helena Graham

Serialization across the globePharmaceutical serialization is a complex issue with requirements varying across geographies. Several countries already have drug serialization regulations in place, but by 2020 many of the major markets in the pharmaceutical industry will need to be fully compliant.

For markets such as the EU and the U.S., driving forward regulatory reform in a bid to combat the dispersion of falsified medicines is a priority, with track and trace solutions offering visibility throughout the supply chain. For others including China and Brazil, an additional layer of government scrutiny is required. The different approaches to the issue emphasise the need for global collaboration to guarantee patient safety and improve efficiency.

In the third part of our serialization blog series Carlos Machado and our senior R&D product manager Matteo Barbieri discuss the different geographical approaches to serialization and the wider business benefits that can be achieved if pharmaceutical manufacturers take a long term strategic view of the process. Read the full blog here:

Next up in the series, Carlos Machado and Matteo Barbieri outline how to plan for serialization, including the importance of defining your project and planning for challenges once the process goes live.


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