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A year in the life of a Zenith Graduate Engineer

Posted on July 19, 2017 by

Luke Ward

With the 2017 graduate programme in full swing, we recently spoke to an existing graduate engineer; Eoin Healy, to reflect on his learnings, opportunities, decisions and recommendations for any engineers who are fresh out of education and into the world of engineering.

We asked Eoin…

Engineering GraduateWhat influenced your decision when applying for a graduate role at Zenith Technologies?

Coming straight out of college I was faced with a big cross road: what company would provide me with the opportunity to begin my career in the engineering world? What first attracted me to Zenith Technologies were the reviews of the company that I heard during my final year in college from previous college students, and the industry that the company was working within – which was rapidly developing globally but also here in Ireland. The benefit I saw from this would be that it would help to greatly broaden my horizons, and therefore help me gain the crucial experience that is required as a well-regarded engineer.

What did your first year as a graduate at Zenith Technologies consist of?

My first year at Zenith has provided me with a greater role diversity than I was expecting. I have been able to gain valuable experience, from Delta V software engineering, to e-learning training development, project engineering, as part of the internal office design team, and now I’ll soon be moving into graduate mentoring. These different learning opportunities have helped me build on my own existing strengths, but more importantly have helped me to develop other areas.

What personal learning opportunities have you received from Zenith Technologies during your time as a graduate engineer?

The learning opportunities that I have experienced in just my first year with Zenith have definitely built a strong foundation for the rest of my engineering career. I am learning to deal with real life situations that could never be taught in college or university – which are all great character building experiences. Gaining these types of insights, I know will be invaluable to me and the company.

What would you recommend to anyone who has just started Zenith?

The recommendation I would make to anyone who has just started with Zenith, who like myself has come straight from third level education, would be to stay open minded, stay ambitious, and continue your learning by getting involved in other projects outside your daily scope of work. Even if you feel it might push you out of your comfort zone, as it’s not all about plain sailing. You’ll find these situations and experiences to be the most rewarding when you complete them.

If you have any questions for Eoin or are interested in being a part of our graduate program, please contact: or Email your CV (stating Graduate in the email subject field) to

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