New SCADA System Implementation and Network for Major Pharmaceutical Facility

A highly sensitive and important pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in the UK had been operating for some time with ageing utilities monitoring systems, varying from chart recorders, to simple Green/Red lamps on panels. These included critical utilities associated with the process including clean steam, purified water and chilled water through to compressed air and effluent systems. Data monitoring and acquisition was provided by local paper and paperless chart recorders, while alarms were handled locally or fed to a Trend Building Management System (BMS).

Zenith experts designed and installed a complete SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) system for the utilities at the plant. This included a data historian and an alarm system together with a highly resilient Hirschmann fibre optic data network linking the various production units.


At a Glance:

Company: Major Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility

Location: UK

Project Mission: Modernise and upgrade the validation equipment in use for the utilities in a highly sensitive manufacturing facility

Product / Services: SCADA System Implementation and Network

SCADA Casestudy

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