Case Studies

Upgrade to Excellence for BioPharma Facility

In this case study we illustrate how mid-pandemic, a world leading Biopharmaceutical company partook in a biologics facility upgrade, to create a new state-of the art facility capable of  manufacturing a new ground-breaking cancer immunotherapy. The engineering project, which included project design, system integration, commissioning, CSV and support was delivered on time and in budget by the Zenith Technologies, a Cognizant Company global engineering team.

Ensuring a continuous supply of medicine during COVID-19

The main goal of this project was to upgrade the PIMMS Serialisation systems across 13 priority sites to ensure compliance of production for the Russian market. Tight deadlines had to be met to ensure compliance, whilst juggling the challenges of COVID-19. Thanks to our experienced engineers all 13 sites were upgraded on time and to budget – this included 123 packing lines, 58 offline client PC’s, 225 OCV’s and 36 IQR’s.

Creating a hybrid batch & continuous manufacturing API facility

The main goal for this customer was to build a greenfield API nutraceutical production facility that could run as a hybrid of either batch or continuous manufacturing and was built to the highest standards with a ‘factory of the future’ design. The facility was intended to be built and qualified to meet FDA regulatory requirements, as well as the local statutory authorities. The main aim was to have a flexible facility with reduced production time and capital costs, improved cycle times and reduced energy costs.

The next generation of digital manufacturing excellence in Biotech

The main goal for this global Biotech customer was to be at the forefront of biologic manufacturing. This greenfield facility was designed to be an inspirational Factory of the Future and ramp-up Biotech production capabilities in the US. As part of this revolutionary new build, the client wanted to reap the benefits of continuous manufacturing.

Training for an automated future

Building the best facility of its kind in the industry with state-of-the-art design, technology and processes, meant a business-critical training project had to be undertaken to upskill new and over 200 existing employees on the new DeltaV™ distributed control system (DCS).

Transitioning from paper-based records to digital manufacturing to improve data integrity

The client needed to replace its paper-based manufacturing records with a digital system at its facility in North Carolina. The company manufactures a range of products at the site including aerosols, tablets and dermatology products for treating respiratory and central nervous system diseases, HIV and anti-infective research.

Award Winning Managed Service

Zenith has successfully implemented and qualified major system upgrades including Pas-X and Honeywell and provided additional hypercare to ensure production was unaffected by each upgrade.

Deploying a global standard for weigh and dispense

Zenith worked with the client to deploy the solution for the first time at one of its key manufacturing sites in the U.S. The project was driven by the fact that the site was moving from a legacy ERP to a new standard SAP system. This move rendered the legacy weigh and dispense system and custom interface as obsolete.

Antibiotic Production Facility Benefits from Modernisation

One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, needed to modernise its antibiotic production in the South East, USA. Since the antibiotic is no longer under patent, they needed to bring the new facility on line while rigorously controlling costs in order to successfully compete with generic drug manufacturers.

Justifying the Business Case for Implementing an MES System

Our client specialises in producing pharmaceutical products for eyes, medical devices, lasers and eye wear. Since witnessing steady growth and an acquisition the company wanted to move towards a company-wide implementation of SAP across all of it’s 21 sites in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Zenith put together a team of experts to provide a complete and impartial evaluation of the potential benefits of MES, with recommendations for solutions and a comprehensive implementation plan.

MES Centre of Excellence brings Standardisation and Productivity Improvements

A global pharmaceutical company with sites worldwide has a requirement to standardise their Manufacturing Execution Systems across four sites. In order to achieve this they wanted to create an MES Centre of Excellence (CoE) that would sit above all sites and provide leadership, best practices, research, support and training. The CoE needed to be tailored to the customer’s needs and flexible enough to work within a disparate configuration of the same MES platform.

New SCADA System Implementation and Network for Major Pharmaceutical Facility

Zenith experts designed and installed a complete SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) system for the utilities at the plant. This included a data historian and an alarm system together with a highly resilient Hirschmann fibre optic data network linking the various production units.

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