24/7 Manufacturing IT Services

Your application life line - keeping your systems running

Sitting as part of Zenith’s services division, the 24/7 Manufacturing IT Service provides high quality multi-platform engineering support across Automation, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Digital and Lab IT systems.

This service offers a single point of contact with faster incident response and resolution times when manufacturing IT applications fail or are not running to their optimum capacity.

The service is designed for Life Science manufacturers and can be offered onsite, remotely or a combined approach to suit the customer shift support needs. It provides analytical support directly to the end customer, with queries routed to a hub of specialist engineer when required.

This service includes:

Benefits of our Manufacturing IT Service

Industry 4.0: Revolutionising Life Science manufacturing through connected systems and data

This whitepaper will enable you to understand Industry 4.0 and its relevance in Life Science Manufacturing. Use proven solutions and approaches to create never before seen (or possible) quality and reliability standards, and discover the technologies and approaches that will facilitate such change.

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