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Life Science is a unique industry with its own workflows, regulatory frameworks and business risks. Zenith Technologies classes each sector within Life Sciences as advanced manufacturing, meaning that significant benefits can be obtained through the deployment of advanced automation and manufacturing information systems. It is set apart from other industries by being forward thinking, using leading edge technologies, being highly competitive and fast paced; whilst doing all of these things within a regulatory framework. The products produced in the industry are highly complex batches of high value, and are potentially lifesaving to the end user. The majority of the products are consumer goods, such as medications, vaccines, medical devices, it is thus paramount that production processes be as efficient and safe as possible.

Zenith Technologies works closely with Life Science companies to:

We achieve this by:

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Zenith Technologies is at the forefront of this biotech industry. With its extensive and varied personnel skill sets, that has been carefully cultivated over the past 14 years.



Well established with many Pharmaceutical companies, Zenith Technologies knows all too well the challenges faced by these companies in today’s market place.



New vaccine development has high costs and requires significant investment. Zenith Technologies has vast experience working in this sector.


Medical Devices

Zenith Technologies work specifically with Medical Device companies to create value, improve processes and to ensure that industry regulations are continuously complied with.


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