IoT (Internet of Things)

Unlock new possibilities for Life Sciences by enabling seamless sharing and synchronization of data

IoT (Internet of Things) is a network of physical objects or advanced sensors that are connected, and have the ability to communicate and transfer data between one another.  This new digitally powered world has transended into the industrial space known as IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things). It has the potential to transform Life Sciences manufacturing, as layers of manufacturing and equipment data that could never previously be connected or correlated against, now can be.

IoT adoption is growing due to advances in technology and low cost smart devices / sensors becoming more commonplace across manufacturing facilities. While certain industries such as automotive are further ahead with the implementation of IoT, Life Sciences are beginning to embrace this technology and reap the benefits.

IoT is unlocking new possibilities for Life Sciences by enabling seamless sharing and synchronization of data. Through IoT, customers can bridge the gap between Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT), providing visibility to decision makers, closing the loop on your business operations. Digitalising this additional information, means decisions can be made in real-time thus driving intelligent decision making and manufacturing excellence.  Another benefit of IoT  is the ability to better predict what could happen in the future via predictive analytics technology. Having access to all this data means we no longer have to be reactive to  adverse events.  Instead, we can run conditions and algorithms to do predictive analytics to reduce the risk of downtime and save money on unnecessary scheduled maintenance.

By integrating IT with OT and combining this with the digital power of IoT, systems and processes can be connected like never before.  This means our customers close the loop on their operations and witness greater business results, whilst bringing new treatments to patients quicker.

Zenith prides itself on being vendor independent and although we have a lot of experience utilising different digital manufacturing solutions, we use the best possible solutions based on our customers’ requirements. Get in touch with us to talk about unlocking the potential of your facility through IoT.

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