Smart Factory Solutions for Life Sciences, through IT / OT, End-to-End Delivery & Support

The industry is embracing digital transformation at an accelerated rate, driven by the need for flexible, efficient and GMP compliant facilities, that can be up and running quickly. Now more than ever, the industry is striving to bring new treatments to market faster, whilst supporting a more agile, remote workforce. With production systems and processes becoming more complex, interconnectivity and robust, smart factory solutions, in line with GMP, have become a strategic priority.

In order to achieve true Manufacturing 4.0 in Life Sciences, companies need a tighter integration of manufacturing processes, with systems harnessing data analytics across the manufacturing value chain. The adoption of IoT technologies, combined with secure and robust systems, will enable companies to maintain compliance and stay relevant as the market evolves.

The Life Sciences industry is continuously evolving and striving to be better, topics and trends such as Manufacturing 4.0, Digitalization, IoT, Advanced Analytics and Cyber have been at the forefront of discussions for some time. Many band these buzzwords about without understanding their true meaning, implications or reality for the unique nature of Life Science manufacturing. Based on our experience of over 1.2 million engineering hours and 1481 Life Sciences projects in 2019, whether your business is focused on; flexible manufacturing, operational resilience, continuous production, data driven decisions or achieving a remote workforce, we are here to help with your smart factory goals.

Our Mission is to make a meaningful difference in Life Sciences. We partner with our customers to get life saving medicines to market faster, whilst helping increase access to treatments globally. As an integral part of Cognizant, we are able to support our clients in achieving their ambitious smart factory goals and can deliver a complete end to end, technology solution, to GMP standards.

Watch our Smart Factories video on the right for a short overview of our combined solution.

Together Zenith Technologies and Cognizant provide scalable, IT / OT, end to end, smart factory solutions, from project conception through to completion, across the entire manufacturing lifecycle.

We are GMP Manufacturing systems experts, specialising in the delivery and support of automation, MES and digital technologies to manage, control and optimise Pharma and Biotech production. Whether you are building a state-of-the-art, next generation, biotech smart factory, from scratch or upgrading legacy systems, we partner with our clients to deliver optimum success in demanding timescales.

We balance your long term goals with short term wins, to create robust systems with maximum operational efficiency and regulatory compliance built in.


We have the capability to be a single, end to end partner for Consultancy, Design Implementation, Optimisation and Support, for all applications in the Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device manufacturing stack.

We deliver business transformation through Manufacturing 4.0 architectures and solutions, covering all IT, OT and IoT applications, infrastructures and services.

Below illustrates our full stack offering to the Life Sciences industry:

Through our combined delivery offering, we offer our clients the complete manufacturing stack, integrating Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT), whilst utilising the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver business results.

Our Delivery:

> GMP Manufacturing systems expertise across Automation, MES & Digital Manufacturing > Managing, controlling and optimising Pharma, Biotech & Medical Device production > Creating robust systems with maximum operational efficiency and compliance > Unlocking the true value of your data to deliver business improvements

Together with our clients, we deliver life changing medicines and medical devices for patients who need them most. Our partnering methodology across single or multi-sites is provided via our outcome based ‘Managed Service’ concept and has delivered real tangible benefits.

At a glance:

Client Focused End-to-End GMP Capabilities Robust Systems & Cyber Secure Practical Approach to Manufacturing 4.0
> Partnered with the world leaders in Life Sciences > Enabling IT / OT convergence, building smart products, and creating agile manufacturing systems > Ensuring products get to market quickly and safely > Delivering on the ground expertise > Combining our domain expertise with process knowledge and technology engineering experience > Getting products to market safely, reliably, timely and cost effectively > From R&D through to decommissioning > Supporting the complete product life-cycle > Ongoing management of IT & OT systems > Outcome based Managed Service delivered across single or multi-site > Maintaining and optimising manufacturing > Delivering proven KPI’s and tangible results > Deep understanding and proven expertise > Implementing and supporting robust and secure systems > Compliant with GMP environment > Global network of engineer > Subject matter expert > Delivering reliable, resilient, cyber secure systems > Making Manufacturing 4.0 applicable across the project life-cycle > Practical approaches for Life Sciences > Building data and IoT connectivity strategies in at basis of design > Creating actionable insight > Systems that drive intelligent decisions > Better connected systems across all layer of applications and networks > Enabling smart factories

Key Outcomes of Working With Us

  • Enabling Manufacturing Excellence – Pivot siloed manufacturing operations to a more integrated framework, capable of dealing with new requirements for manufacturing excellence.  Aligning people, process, compliance, and technology to enable IT/OT convergence in manufacturing operations. _
  • Creating Smart Factories – Built on a solid Manufacturing 4.0 foundation, we deliver systems that are connected across all layers of IT, OT and IoT applications and solutions.  The result? Integrated applications, standardized plant operations; access to real-time data & actionable analytics; Increased visibility into production workflows & production pain points. _
  • Maintaining GMP, Regulatory Compliance and Security – Enabling end-to-end project life cycle management in accordance with GMP, from conceptualization, to design and implementation, to ongoing operations management and support across all levels of the IT and OT; Avoiding regulatory fines. _
  • Improving Patient Outcomes – With smart, streamlined operations, patients will have faster access to life-changing medicines and medical devices for the patients who need them most.  Increased global access to treatments is also achieved in a compliant and safe way through serialisation & traceability solutions.

Project Work Examples

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