Skilled Resource Solutions

Inject High Level Consultants and Life Science Experts into your Business...

Life Science industries requires the highest calibre of skilled engineering resources to drive their business forward in terms of technology, business development and performance. Zenith Technologies provides a comprehensive and tailored resource augmentation solution for companies that need specialist skills for particular projects or areas of their business. Our resources are experts in Life Sciences, Automation, MES and Validation. We ensure that you are supplied with the correct level of resource to compliment your business objectives, for the length of time that you require.

Engineering Resources:

  • Automation, Process, MES and Electronic Engineering
  • Project Engineering and Management
  • Commissioning and Start up Support
  • Instrumentation
  • Validation and Document Control

Benefits of utilising a Skilled Resource Augmentation Solutions from Zenith Technologies:

  • Highest calibre of people become integrated members of your team
  • Smart allocation – the optimum resources delivered to drive results
  • Provides a partner with a proven track record
  • Global resources and reach
  • Future planning by engineer professionals
  • Support driving project deployment
  • Helps support your teams, transfers knowledge
  • Combats the skills shortage
  • Empowers businesses to manage and improve performance
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