Life Sciences Manufacturing 4.0 / Digital Manufacturing

Empowering Life Sciences through digital transformation to achieve manufacturing excellence

Life Sciences Manufacturing 4.0, enables companies to harness information and analytics across the manufacturing value chain. By integrating Information Technology (IT) with Operations Technology (OT) and combining this with the digital power of Industry of Things (IoT), systems and processes can be connected like never before and key insight ascertained.

Through Digital Manufacturing, data can be shared and synchronized seamlessly across all layers of manufacturing, to enhance intelligent decision making and close the loop on business operations. Here at Zenith we help Life Sciences companies get the most out of the data they collect to make real tangible business improvements. We are versed not in ‘big data,’ but in getting more depth of data, to deliver a new level of insight. We understand the importance of our customers knowing their processes, identifying key parameters, understanding their variables and the requirement for small deep data to support business improvements and manufacturing excellence.

Data is at the Heart of the Life Science Industry

Life Sciences companies pride themselves on being data driven. They are continuously looking for ways to streamline and improve their systems. Life Sciences Manufacturing 4.0 provides our customers with the dramatic improvements they seek and is poised to change the face of the industry.

Providing Answers

The volume of data in a Life Sciences company is endless. Life Science Manufacturing 4.0 delivers end to end visibility, transparency, operational excellence, predictive insights and transforms business processes by designing and integrating all the data and control systems on site to create real-time insights.


We deliver all IT, OT and IoT applications, infrastructure and services, from basis of design, detailed design, implementation, qualification, GMP production startup and support. In  essence, we provide full project Lifecycle delivery.

Get Answers From Your Data

Today it is not about big data – it is about using your data to answer your questions. We provide the full solution that enables companies to realise the promise of Life Sciences Manufacturing 4.0 today.

Zenith has the capabilities to be a single end to end partner for consultancy, design implementation, optimisation and support for all applications in the Life Sciences manufacturing stack. We deliver business transformation through the delivery and support of Life Sciences Manufacturing 4.0 architectures and solutions, including all IT, OT and IoT applications, infrastructures and services. We partner with Life Sciences companies to transition from traditional, to new manufacturing technologies and processes. Utilising the latest in data analytics and IoT we help unlock the potential of facilities to drive manufacturing excellence.

Zenith prides itself on being vendor independent and although we have a lot of experience utilising different digital manufacturing solutions, we use the best possible solutions based on our customers’ requirements. Get in touch with us to talk about your Life Sciences Manufacturing 4.0 goals.

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Industry 4.0: Revolutionising Life Science manufacturing through connected systems and data

This whitepaper will enable you to understand Industry 4.0 and its relevance in Life Science Manufacturing. Use proven solutions and approaches to create never before seen (or possible) quality and reliability standards, and discover the technologies and approaches that will facilitate such change.

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