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Digital Manufacturing for Life Sciences

Zenith Technologies specializes in the delivery of digital manufacturing projects for the Life Science industry. We implement digital technologies that manage, control and optimize drug and medical device production for maximum operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. Industry 4.0, Internet of Things  (IoT), Automation and Analytics enable more flexible and efficient manufacturing facilities to bring new treatments to market quicker.

History of Digital Manufacturing and Data

The Life Science industry has always been steps ahead when it comes to data collection and analysis. It’s possible to argue it has been embracing ‘Industry 4.0’ methodology before the term existed, collecting data in large historian systems for years. With that said most in the industry are very aware of the pitfalls of the term ‘big data.’ Too much data is a hazardous place, as it becomes impossible to find the needle in the ever-increasing haystack.

Right now, almost every device in a GMP manufacturing facility collects data and the industry continues to complete projects to physically connect all these devices and from a lot of sources. Digital Manufacturing enables companies to harness information and analytics across the manufacturing value chain. With the adoption of IoT technologies delivering manufacturing 4.0, customers can more efficiently produce the life-changing medicines and medical devices for patients who need them most.

What we deliver for Life Sciences

Here at Zenith we help Life Science companies cut through the Industry 4.0 paradigm and get the most out of the data they collect to make real tangible business improvements. We are versed not in ‘big data,’ but in getting more depth of data, to deliver a new level of insight. We understand the importance of our customers knowing their processes, identifying key parameters, understanding their variables and the requirement for small deep data to support business improvements and manufacturing optimisation.

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Industry 4.0: Revolutionising Life Science manufacturing through connected systems and data

This whitepaper will enable you to understand Industry 4.0 and its relevance in Life Science Manufacturing. Use proven solutions and approaches to create never before seen (or possible) quality and reliability standards, and discover the technologies and approaches that will facilitate such change.

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