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The Future of Serialization – Series of 6 Blogs

Posted on August 29, 2017 by Helena Rogers

Sea VisionSerialization requirements are already active in more than 40 countries across the globe. Pharmaceutical manufacturers will soon need to have solutions in place to cater for upcoming deadlines in the U.S. and the EU, two of the world’s largest markets. Companies need to be prepared in order to guarantee compliance and patient safety.

In our final blog of the series, serialization director Carlos Machado and SEA Vision’s senior R&D product manager Matteo Barbieri discuss the inevitability and importance of serialization, including how adopting a flexible yet standardized approach can help achieve long-term business benefits.

We hope that you have found our serialization series useful, in case you missed any you can find a full list of blogs below:

  1. Opportunity knocks: drug serialization in Europe and the US
  2. Safety first: drivers of serialization
  3. Beyond compliance: serialization across the globe
  4. Ahead of the curve: planning for serialization
  5. Joined up thinking: Serialization in practice
  6. The future of serialization

If you would like to find out more about implementing serialization, including selecting the right partner, download our free e-book , or you can download our serialization for late starters e-book here . If you would like to discover how we can help you on your serialization journey, contact us today.

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