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Think Automation, Think DeltaV™, Think Dublin, Think Zenith

Posted on September 12, 2017 by Helena Rogers

Delta V

Think Automation, Think DeltaV™, Think Dublin, Think Zenith – and here is 5 reasons why…

1.Top People

A huge benefit to you as a DeltaV™ Engineer working for Zenith, is the calibre of the other Engineers that you get the opportunity to work with.

As our Site Services Director, David Staunton states, ‘The most exciting element of working with Zenith is that you get to work side by side and collaborate with some of the top engineers in the world. The interaction of the team means you’re never isolated when you have a problem and you learn from each other at a tremendous pace.’

Dublin has become a real hub for DeltaV™ and Life Science expertise.  The number of projects that are currently being executed or planned in the city is larger than it has ever been.  Dublin truly is the place to be if you want to make the most of your talent.  As David Staunton states: ‘There is currently over 2 Billion euro worth of investment in Dublin Life Science between 2016 and 2021 and the majority of these are significant DeltaV™ Automation projects.’

2.Top Projects

Zenith deliver large, global and career making projects.  The Zenith team often supplies the Lead DeltaV™ Design team as well as the DeltaV Engineering roles.  The projects are diverse and always interesting, they are open to people with all levels of experience.

Zenith also offer training opportunities for training in Bio-Process Engineering to supplement your DeltaV™ experience if necessary.  From design to commissioning , you can get experience on multiple projects over the medium term, on different sites and all with Zenith.  When you join Zenith you don’t join for one project, Zenith has the best record in the market for continuity between projects; its not just a project, it’s a career.  Our Engineers work in an environment where they can deliver work they are proud of time and time again.

3.Top Rates

Working at a company like Zenith brings financial rewards.  Employee welfare and flexible working conditions matter to us.  Zenith pay well and we value and understand our Engineers.

4.Top Customers

The customer relationships at Zenith set us apart from the rest.  Established, long-term relationships and structures allow us to work with 9 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies across the globe, with many demanding work directly out of Dublin. Top clients trust Zenith engineers with their top projects.

5.Top Company

Zenith are a world-leading, financially secure company that is growing every year. Recognised as a ‘Great Place to Work 2017’, we are home to an international and diverse team that enjoy long-term and a career that shapes opportunities for you.

Join us now!

Zenith currently has over 30 vacancies for automation engineers with DeltaV™ experience.

Think Automation, Think DeltaV™, Think Dublin, Think Zenith.

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