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Incident Control Room Brochure

Readiness –® (ICR™) enhances the readiness of your organisation and allows you to retain full control of your system through a sophisticated and highly flexible permission control mechanism that can be modelled on your organisational structure. Build, maintain & deploy incident management information across your organisation using our highly configurable & scalable feature set

Response – ICR™’s user friendly mobile applications ensures your team have everything they need, when they are called to respond to an incident. Action Cards™ ensure your team responds to each and every incident in a consistent & effective manner. The ICR™ whiteboards connects teams online and quickly gets them up to speed with real time incident information logs available on their mobile, pc or laptop.

Reports – ICR™ automatically compiles a complete audit trail for every action & decision made during an incident and then presents this collated information in a set of reports for your team. Metrics provides you with an immediate snapshot of the overall performance of your organisation as well as that of individual sites or sectors.

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