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Deploying a global standard for weigh and dispense (Case Study)

One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies needed a partner to assist with the design, development and support of a corporate standard solution for weigh and dispense. Previously, the customer had relied on a legacy product that was fast becoming obsolete and which had had its support model withdrawn by the manufacturer, therefore the cost of ownership was increasing. The company worked with Zenith Technologies to design a solution that would increase productivity, ensure consistent batch-to-batch quality of products and enable compliance with regulatory requirements across its global manufacturing sites.

Zenith worked with the client to deploy the solution for the first time at one of its key manufacturing sites in the U.S. The project was driven by the fact that the site was moving from a legacy ERP to a new standard SAP system. This move rendered the legacy weigh and dispense system and custom interface as obsolete.

The company recognised that Zenith was well positioned to help with the high-risk strategy that would see both solutions (including the weigh and form solution and the new standard SAP system) ‘go-live’ on the same day.

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