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Operational Excellence

With almost 450 personnel and 14 offices worldwide, at Zenith Technologies we constantly strive to innovate and improve how we do business.

Investing continuously in this element of our delivery model allows us to increase our competitiveness and to continue to deliver value to our customers.

Developing Operational Excellence is a key element of our business strategy going forward, to the extent that one of our directors has specific responsibilities to Zenith’s Board in that respect.

Our Operational Excellence Program is centered on 4 core pillars as per the graphic below.

Zenith’s Operational Excellence Model

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Zenith Technologies Operation Excellence

Knowledge Technology Quality Collaboration


As you would expect from a company with Zenith’s history and scale, we have accumulated thousands of man years of knowledge in our areas of expertise. We have exceptionally low staff turnover rates and as a result retain knowledge within our organisation. This is unique in our industry, and we recognise the benefits to be gained for our customers in harnessing this resource to best effect.

The key objectives of our Operational Excellence Program from a Knowledge perspective are:

  • To provide a secure central repository of the key company intellect, available to all employees
  • Provide an engaging, accessible and intuitive platform for knowledge capture and distribution
  • To enable global knowledge share through all levels of the organisation


If you would like to learn more about Knowledge Management within Zenith Technologies then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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First and foremost, Zenith is a Technology company, focused on applying the latest technologies where relevant to the benefit of our company and our customer base.

Over the years we have been successful in applying technology in innovative and novel ways to facilitate our growing organisation and geographical reach. Our Operational Excellence Program provides a formal framework to allow us to increase our efforts in this regard, with the objectives of :

  • To continuously develop our IT Infrastructure to support the group company needs
  • To continuously develop CASE Tools to support efficient, risk free project delivery
  • To constantly assess new technology in the market to identify key advances that can bring further efficiency and productivity improvement.


If you would like to learn more about the application of Technology within Zenith Technologies then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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The endless pursuit of quality is a key driver for success in Zenith’s business. We maintain a formal QMS, based on GAMP and ISO 9001, which is was formally accredited under ISO in 2004, and renewed successfully on a bi-annual basis since then.

Naturally our continuous growth has presented challenges, but also opportunities in terms of how we continue to set the bar in our industry from a Quality perspective.

Under our Operational Excellence Program, we are targeting the following objectives in relation to our Quality Management System.

  • Enable electronic workflow for our key QMS processes
  • To constantly assess our QMS processes against client need, industry trends and new methods of delivery
  • Maintain flexibility to adapt the workflows as the QMS evolves over time.


For more information on Zenith’s QMS please click here

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With offices from the west coast of the US to Shanghai in China, at Zenith we are proud of the global footprint of our business, and the way we have utilised it to the benefit of clients.

We recognise the benefits this can bring to our business, but are acutely conscious of the internal challenges presented from a cultural, language and time zone perspective.

Under our Operational Excellence Program, we are working hard to harness the collaboration potential provided by our global reach, with the following objectives:

  • To make it easy to interact with colleagues, regardless of location
  • Provide people and expertise search, visibility and presence functionality
  • Provide quick and easy chat, voice and video capability at everybody’s desktop


To find out more about how Zenith Technologies utilise inter-location collaboration to benefit its customer base please contact us.