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Life at Zenith

Don’t just take our word for it, read what some of our employees had to say about life at Zenith Technologies. We asked some team members to give some background and share their experience of their career at Zenith Technologies.

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    Harshali Atkare - Automation Engineer

    I have a B.Tech in Instrumentation from The Government College of Engineering, Amravati, State: Maharashtra (India), and this was my first job after completing my studies.  I joined as an Automation Engineer, working on DeltaV and since has progressed to work on MES solutions.

      • I joined Zenith Technologies as a fresher and this is my first job, here I always get valuable guidance from my colleagues and there is a work friendly environment. I believe successful results require a stress free working environment, enabling us to share ideas without hesitation. At Zenith we have this environment. I really enjoy working with Zenith.

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    Bin Zeng - Graduate MES Engineer

    “Lift at Zenith Technologies is dynamic, challenging but full of great career opportunities and excellent people around you, and I am witness to this!”

    My interest in both IT and business, and belief in the unrivalled future of weaving IT into the fabric of everyday business pointed me in the direction of pursuing a Master’s Degree in Business Information Systems after having obtained a BSc in Computer Science at University College Cork (UCC). Since then, I have committed myself to being a successful IS professional.

      • The most amazing part of working at Zenith Technologies (ZT) is the abundant opportunities, great challenges and the emphasis on people’s development. A few years ago, I was just a Non-EU graduate without any work experience who was struggling in even being invited to an interview. Today, I’ve been given opportunities to join different teams and work on various projects, including service transition, serialisation support and ITCP test, which equips me a well blend of technical and service management skills and expertise. In the near future, I will join the fingerprint team to deploy serialisation solutions at many GSK sites. Why I know this is going to happen? The answer is simple – I spoke my mind and ZT listened & acted on it. All these amazing experiences were given by ZT who held out their hands to me in those tough days. They have opened a door for me to embark on the journey of exploring Business Information Systems particularly in the Life Sciences Industry.

        However, nobody is perfect, so neither is ZT; as a medium-sized company, ZT still needs many improvements, but I believe ZT will have a promising future with what I have already seen. Over the past year, there has been so many things happening here, we have experienced a significant growth in business, improvements in our working environment, reformation of internal business information systems and many others. Now, would you question a man who desires a success and backs up their pursuits by actions?

        ZT is dynamic, innovative, and fast-growing, working with most of the world leading Life Science companies; ZT has a warm, friendly and open atmosphere ensuring that everyone’s work life is great. What is more, ZT place their people’s continual professional development and long-term retention at the heart of what they do. If you’re an individual like me who is pursuing a career of taking challenges, working with some of the most talented people around the world, ZT is the place for you. If you are still considering, my advice is to research the company profile and the business that we do, talk to a ZT employee for more information. Maybe one day, you will be creating your own success story at Zenith Technologies!

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    Dermot Moynihan - General Manager UK Region

    I have worked for over 35 years in the Life Science Industry, in Engineering, Manufacturing and Development in all over the world. I started out life after gaining a Bachelor of Engineering 1st Class Honours Degree, MBA and PhD, working at Ford Motor Company then moved to work for a long time at GSK.

    My main roles have been concentrated around effective manufacturing systems, people development and change management. Currently working in Engineering / Automation Systems applied to the Life Sciences Industry.

      • My roles at Zenith have changed about the years and I am now General Manager for the UK region. I enjoy working at Zenith Technologies because my role is a combination of both commercial and technical, which enables diversity in my job. I am also able to provide the right solutions to meet our clients business challenges.

        I would recommend a career with Zenith Technologies because it is full of opportunities to develop and grow with a Leading Edge Technology company.  Applying solutions to improve the life science industry is fulfilling as you know there is an for the overall benefit for everybody.

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    Sinead McCarthy - Automation Engineer

    I completed my undergraduate degree in 2013, graduating with a BE (Hons) in Process and Chemical Engineering from University College Cork. I joined Zenith Technologies in late August 2013, having taken the summer after my final year studies to travel around the West Coast of America.

    I work as an Automation Engineer specialising in the utilisation of Emerson DeltaV software for process control applications. Since commencing work, I have been given the opportunity to obtain various automation training certificates, a White Belt in Lean and Six Sigma and undertake Engineers Ireland continuous professional development training to work towards obtaining Chartered Engineer status in the future.

      • As an Automation Engineer at Zenith Technologies every day is different. I enjoy the variety and diversity associated with project work. I have been a part of every section of the product life cycle in my short time working here. I have gained invaluable experience in validation, software and hardware design and testing and document control. I have been fortunate enough to spend time on site in two leading pharmaceutical plants, working with people from various areas of expertise. I have learned so much in a year at Zenith Technologies – not alone technical skills but I have also developed my soft skills through working in a fast paced team environment. I have been given a lot of responsibility which has greatly assisted my career development.

        Zenith Technologies has a very warm, relaxed feel while also upholding its status of Best Managed Company 2014. There are many opportunities to socialise with colleagues such as at the annual Christmas party and Summer BBQ as well as cake sales, charity events and mud runs.   I have made lifelong friends while working here and the friendly, supportive environment arising from this is what makes working at Zenith Technologies so enjoyable.

        I would strongly recommend a career at Zenith Technologies to anyone who is motivated and hard working and is looking for a challenging work environment.

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    Michael McCarthy - Graduate Automation Engineer

    I studied Applied Physics and Instrumentation at Cork Institute of Technology and now work at Zenith Technologies as an Automation Engineer based in Novartis, Ringaskiddy, Cork.

    I enjoy working with Zenith. The work can be quite challenging but my colleagues are always willing to lend a hand and share their knowledge.

      • I have learnt a considerable amount during my time with Zenith. My competency in the DeltaV control system has vastly improved since college and I have seen a variety of aspects of the control system from I/O configuration and loop checking to recipe creation.

        Since starting with Zenith I have progressively been given more responsibility which I feel has already helped with my career progression.

        I would recommend starting as a graduate with Zenith. Everyone was very approachable and always willing to help me learn.

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    Orla Cussen - Validation Engineer

    I have worked with Zenith for almost 13 years. I came straight out of college and joined ZT in 2001. I feel that Zenith has always seen the potential in graduates and were willing to take a risk on someone with little experience. Because of working on various sites over the years as well as in the office, I feel I have gained the experience of having a few jobs, with the security that comes with staying in one company.


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    Panagiotis Thliveros - MES Engineer

    I am a Chemical Engineer with a Masters of Science in Biotechnology obtained from University of Manchester. I joined Zenith in November 2013 and since then I have worked as an MES engineer in various GSK projects. From day 1, I realised how much Zenith invests in young professionals, continuously training staff, and reaching operational excellence with highly skilled personnel. I enjoy the challenging nature of our business and working in a fast paced environment, as well as providing a high level of service to our customers.